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Kristen Mortensen became the first female president of the Salt Lake Home Builders Association shortly before the housing crash in 2008. Now, she’s a partner in Goldcrest Homes and is coming up on having worked on 1000 homes. Goldcrest Homes has a passion for building with women in mind, as women are driving 80% of home sales and are typically managing the house day-to-day. In this episode, she talks about her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry and Goldcrest Homes’ showcase for the Parade of Homes. 

A Nest With Surprises

The Goldcrest Homes’ showcase for the Parade of Homes is called “The Lofty Nest.” Kristen describes it as a comfortable, fun house, a nest with some surprises.’ The two-story house has high ceilings, a loft study area, and an ordinance-compliant accessory dwelling unit in the basement, which allows leasing of the bottom one-bedroom apartment, a highly sought-after feature. 

Listen in to learn more about Goldcrest Homes, their current and upcoming communities in Utah, and more features of “The Lofty Nest.”

Following Through as a Contractor in Utah

Kristen was always intrigued by the home-building process and inquired about how to enter the industry in college. She was encouraged to become a teacher, which she did until she had an opportunity to finish a house. Kristen found out there was no magic to the process; it took hard work, following through, and planning.

Kristen recounts that she never felt intimidated as a woman in general contracting and that the tradespeople she’s worked with over the years have been welcoming. She knows a little about many things, having learned from plumbers, electricians, roofers, and more. She’s glad to see that women can now go to school for construction management and that more women are finding careers in construction. 

 As a company, they pay attention to a home’s exterior curb appeal and practical interior use. Building a place that is functional as well as attractive is one of Goldcrest’s top qualities. 

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